16 Mar

“All Natural” Muscle & Joint Cream! Thentix Muscle & Joint utilizes the special physiological properties of its three active ingredients MSM, Capsicum Oleoresin and Wintergreen to achieve quick pain relief naturally. (NPN # 80039774) MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a source of sulfur, a mineral element critical to the normal function and structure of the body. Sulfur is a raw […]

09 May

THENTIX  is often recommended to people with a wide variety of dry skin conditions. It  can be a blessing for people dealing with: Abrasions Acne Allergic Rash Athlete’s Foot Bruises Chapped Lips Chemo Hand-Foot Syndrome Cradle Cap Diaper Rash Eczema Hives Insect Bites Poison Ivy Psoriasis Radiation Burns Razor Burns Rough, Dry Hands Shingles Sunburn Windburn […]