December 8, 2021

Just a little story about the (Thentix Skin Conditioner) lotion I purchased from Dave at the Lethbridge Christmas market on this past weekend. I have 2 Chinese crested hairless dogs.  My one dog gets very dry,  cracked, sore skin.  Especially in the winter. I used the cream on his skin for 2 days and all wounds cleared up.  He is a happy boy but not near as happy as me.

J. Rach — Alberta, Canada

J. RachAlberta, Canada

August 23, 2021
“Last year I wrote to thank you because of Covid and what all of the sanitizing and cleaning was doing to my hands. This year, having just finished 5 rounds of Chemotherapy, I would like to once again let you know that your Thentix skin conditioning products have been life and skin saving. When the entire bottoms of my feet peeled off, Thentix kept it moist and helped it to heal. I have gone through many pots during this Chemo process and my belief and faith in your product is unending. Thank you for the best healing skin conditioner that fits in my usually “natural” world. It has helped me get through this toxic time in my life.

MartyThentix CustomerLondon, Ontario Canada

August 31, 2020

“I have used the pain cream (Thentix Muscle & Joint) for A VERY STIFF NECK. Worked like a charm. My cousin JOE said he had the first good night’s sleep in months. My superintendent DENNIS raved about how it has helped BOTH him and his wife. GOOD PRODUCTS.”

S.Low — Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

June 25, 2020

I love Thentix. I have always used this product as an all over body lotion. It’s also great for sunburns and psoriasis. I was having a hard time finding a face moisturizer/cream that wasn’t too greasy. I started using Thentix (Skin Conditioner) as my daily face moisturizer and my skin looks and feels amazing.

I have recommended Thentix to friends and they love it too! Thanks”

J. Butterley — Ontario, Canada


June 18, 2020

“I’ve used Thentix (Skin Conditioner) for everything from stings to sunburn and everything in between. For any kind of rash it’s amazing. Heals it overnight. I’ve even used it on my dog when he had a nasty open sore on his head. Cleared it right up!

I’ve recommended it to any number of people. And they all agree that it’s great!!! I could easily be a spokesperson for Thentix as I really believe it’s the best thing out there.

I know it’s only supposed to be a hand and body type lotion but it’s so much more than that!!”

Rosalind F — Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Rosalind F.Brampton, Ontario

March 24, 2020

Subject: Thentix A TOUCH OF HONEY Skin Conditioner – Acne Scars.

I was an acne sufferer as a teenager and have had scars all my life. 3 years ago I changed my diet for health reasons cutting out processed meats, deep fried food, and reducing sodium to a target of half the daily recommended amount. This started my skin transformation. I received Thentix Skin Conditioner as a gift last Christmas, and my acne scars are nearly gone. My skin glows now and it is the best it’s ever been as an adult. I’m about to order the skin conditioner, hair products and the lip balm-I’m a very happy customer …”       Graham S. – Saint John, NB

Graham S.Saint John, NB

April 29, 2020

Subject: Thentix A TOUCH OF HONEY Skin Conditioner – Frequent handwashing and sanitizing.

Working in healthcare our hands take a beating, one of our nurses gave us your product to try and it’s AMAZING!!!!! My hands feel like silk after using it for only a couple days. Thanks for supporting healthcare workers with your amazing product. I highly recommend this awesome natural product.

No photo description available.”

Marlayne T. – Western Canada

Marlayne T. HealthcareWestern Canada

April 3, 2020

Thank you for using my review! I am so touched! I am still and will always be now, a loyal Thentix customer. It is worth every penny, I would pay double the price happily just to have this product (Thentix Skin Conditioner) . …”

Jenni — WA, USA

JenniWA, USA

March 17, 2020
“Fabulous product! I use it on my hands and feet daily.”
C. Miller-Schmied,
Pennsylvania, USA

C Miller Schmied

February 21, 2020

Every night I rub Thentix Muscle and Joint cream on my neck, shoulders, hand and face. Without it I would not be able to sleep. I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and pain due to a Thalamic Stroke.

J. Harrison-Boisvenue — Brampton, Ontario

J. Harrison-BoisvenueBrampton, Ontario, Canada